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Pressure & Temperature Calibration Service

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Pressure Gauge Calibration

At Ashford Instrumentation we can calibrate pressure gauges in-house to National Standards from diameters 25mm to 300mm. We can also calibrate pressure gauges that have been degreased for use on Oxygen. Our calibration equipment is fully UKAS traceable  and enables us to calibrate ranges from full vacuum to 60000 PSI / 4000 bar. As well as PSI and Bar scales, we can also calibrate pressure gauges scales in mPa, kPA, Pa, mmHg, inHg, mm water, in water, meters water, feet water, kgcm2, atm, mbar, & torr.

Need a new instrument? We can supply an extensive range of new pressure gauges, for more information, please click here.

Pneumo Gauge & Caisson Gauge Calibration

At Ashford Instrumentation we can calibrate degreased Pneumo and Caisson Gauges with an accuracy class of 0.25% in our temperature controlled calibration laboratory. Calibration is directly  traceable to National Standards as is all of our calibration equipment. Pneumo & Caisson Instruments are usually scaled in bar, meters fresh water and meters sea water although we have the facility to calibrate in all recognised pressure scales.

When required we can also supply an extensive range of new caisson gauges, click here for details, as well as pneumo gauges, click here for details.  

Thermometer Calibration

At Ashford Instrumentation we can calibrate gas filled system, bimetallic strip & mercury-in-steel thermometers in ranges from -50 to +300C. Traceability to National Standards is assured as our master reference thermometer is directly traceable to UKAS.

Unless stated otherwise we will calibrate thermometers to DIN EN 13190, details on the defined accuracy as defined within this standard can be viewed here.

Plese note that we can supply a comprehensive range of new mechanical thermometers, full details of our product range can be found here.


Full UKAS Traceability

At Ashford Instrumentation we operate several certified deadweight testers and digital pressure calibrators, enabling us to calibrate pressure gauges and thermometers directly traceable to UKAS.

It is our strict company policy that all of our master calibration equipment is only calibrated by UKAS certified laboratories ensuring full and easy traceability of all we do direct to National Standards.

Our master calibration certificates are available for inspection at all times and our calibration procedures are fully covered by our UKAS ISO 9001:2008 Quality System. Further details on UKAS certified pressure gauges and pressure transmitters from Ashford Instrumentation Ltd can be viewed here.

Pressure Transmitter Calibration

As well as supplying new pressure transmitters, often from stock,  Ashford Instrumentation also offers calibration certification traceable to National Standards in ranges from full vacuum through to 1000 bar. We can also calibrate pressure transmitters that have been degreased for use on Oxygen. Our calibration equipment is fully UKAS traceable and calibration certifices issued will normally show the transmitter output signal for greater accuracy. As well as transmitters configured in Bar or PSI, we can also calibrate pressure transmitters scaled in mPa, kPA, Pa, mmHg, inHg, mm water, in water, meters water, feet water, kgcm2, atm and  mbar.

Deadweight Testers For Sale

As well as offering a full calibration service for pressure gauges and pressure transmitters, Ashford Instrumentation sell a comprehensive range of deadweight testers for press ranges up to 1400 bar. Both oil or water operated options are available with a stadard accuracy of 0.01% on Model AIDOS-001 and a higher accuracy of 0.008% possible on our Model AIDOS-008. Full details of our range can be viewed here.

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